Typical Campus Visit

Virginia Lee customizes her consultations and workshops to meet the specific requirements of the colleges and universities she serves. Preparation for a campus visit often includes phone conversations with a campus contact person(s) to understand the context for their request, an email summary of the conversation to confirm understanding, and the development of a plan for the campus visit shared and refined with the campus contact person(s).

In addition to a workshop, a campus visit can also include meetings with relevant committees, administrators and other stakeholders related to the initiative in question.

Workshops are highly interactive. A typical two-day workshop on inquiry-guided learning includes the following elements:

  • Introductions
  • Generation of participant questions regarding inquiry-guided learning
  • A self-reflection exercise to determine participants’ readiness for using inquiry-guided learning in their courses
  • An inquiry-guided learning experience
  • A debrief of the experience, eliciting key characteristics of inquiry-guided learning experiences and courses
  • Planning a common course in small groups using inquiry-guided learning
  • Planning one of participant’s own courses using inquiry-guided learning with feedback from Virginia
  • Close

Requested requirements for workshops include a room with tables with 6-8 participants per table to facilitate conversation and small group work, an LCD projector and laptop set-up, a writing surface (e.g., whiteboard, flip chart and markers), flip chart paper and markers for small group work, and a microphone for larger rooms. It is helpful for participants to wear name tags.